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I met Raymond Davis a few years ago while playing in Los Angeles. He was always a likable, very polite, fun-loving young man.

He was at times a little brash about his poker abilities, but always in a fun-loving way. I have to admit, I never took him as a serious threat to become a world-class player – that is, until last year.

About midyear, I noticed he was doing well and winning several tournaments. As the year progressed, he continued to do very well. When the smoke finally cleared and the year ended, he had made 18 final tables, with nine wins, in Card Player Player of the Year qualifying tournaments.

In early January of this year, I ran into Raymond at Hollywood Park Casino. After congratulating him on a great year, I asked if I could do a column about him, to let the poker world know a little more about him. He said OK, so I interviewed him.

Vince Burgio: Can you give us a little bio on Raymond Davis?

Raymond Davis: I was born in Fondulac, Wisconsin, 36 years ago and was raised in Milwaukee. I joined the United States Army at the age of 18 and was discharged after four years of service at Fort Lewis, Washington. I settled in Seattle and lived there for about 10 years, and moved to Los Angeles about three years ago. I am divorced and have a 14-year-old son. Currently, I live in Downey, California, and I am a professional poker player.


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